How to use RallyMeter Calibrator

1: Select RallyMeter Mode

To switch between modes, tap the Settings icon and select the mode you require. On iOS, deselecting Halda Master and SpeedPilot modes leaves the app in Standard mode for use with Brantz, Monit and Terratrip meters.

2: For Halda Master Users – Select Available Gears

When you select Halda Master mode, you can then select the X and Z gears that you have available. Select the relevant settings page and select those gears that you have available.

3: Enter the Measured Distance and Current Calibration Values

Enter the Official “Measured Mile” distance, the recorded distance from your meter, and the current calibration setting, or gear selection in Halda Master mode. The app then calculates the correct calibration setting for you to use.

In SpeedPilot mode, the app will give you the required calibration adjustment.

4: Setting a Measured Mile

The iOS app also provides the functionality to set a measured mile or kilometre.

Tap the Measurement icon to select the measurement page.

Set the target distance and units (miles or kilometres).

Tap Start when you are alongside the start point of the official measured mile.

When you reach the target distance, a notification is displayed and an alert sounded.

Note that if you leave this page, the distance travelled will stop being calculated.

You can then use the measured value to calibrate your own rally meter before measuring the distances for the remainder of the route. Tap on the Use Distance button and the value will be copied to the Official Measured Distance on the main page.