RallyTimer Results

The RallyTimer Results app is for use by organisers of classic car rally events which involve any form of timed activity. Working with the RallyTimer Marshal app, it simplifies the collection of Rally data, allowing rapid calculation of results and production of reports.

Key Features:

  • Events can be as simple or as complex as desired
  • Rallies can be over multiple days, and can have as many Sections and Controls as required
  • Set up different Classes, with options to award Overall and Class prizes
  • Times and Driving Penalties are imported directly from results files, so there are no delays while results are typed in, and potential transcription errors and errors due to unclear report cards are removed
  • Penalties can be based on Time or Position; Position penalties can be calculated automatically based on time, or added manually
  • Supports Time Control and Main Time Control penalties, including Maximum Permitted Lateness and Delay Allowances to amend Due Times
  • Review and amend Control times and penalties, allowing for appeals during or on completion of your event
  • Add individual penalties, allowing infringements with variable penalties to be included
  • Provide summary reports for printing or display on your website
  • Provide detailed performance reports for sharing with individual crews
  • Add your own Rally or Club Logo
  • Previous Competitors and Marshals are stored separately, so their details can quickly be added to new Events

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How to use the App